PBS(*) with immediate feedback and complete transparency

(*) PBS: Preferential Bidding System

Kernel Software’s unique system checks the legality of crew requests and arbitrates in real time among competing requests for OFF days and rotations. Crew-members no longer discover, weeks after their requests have been submitted, that they are denied for unexplained reasons. Instead, they can check that the rotations and OFF days are really distributed according to transparent rules, and look for alternatives when their first choices are already requested by higher-priority colleagues.

Available rotations are displayed using a straightforward color code:

green : granted
yellow : granted at the expense of a lower-priority colleague
red : all positions are granted to higher-priority colleagues

Qualitative requests

Qualitative requests let the crew-members provide an abstract description of the rotations they are interested in. For instance, instead of requesting a specific rotation, a crew-member can submit a request for any rotation which includes a layover in Singapore and which returns on a Friday.

A high number of criteria are available: departure date, return date, number of duty days, length of the rest time following the rotation, layovers, shift departure times, etc.

Alternative requests

Alternative requests are second-best choices which are used when all best-choice rotations are either illegal or granted to higher-priority colleagues.

Alternative requests can be combined with qualitative requests. For instance, a best choice can be “any SIN rotation returning on a Friday”, a first alternative can be “any SIN rotation” and a second alternative can be “any SIN or BKK or MNL rotation”.

Partner requests

Two or more crew-members can submit a common request. A rotation is granted only if it can be granted to all partners.

Request variety

In addition to OFF requests and rotation requests, a variety of activities can be requested: stand-by/reserve duties, simulator shifts, ground training (emergency, first aid, etc), single off-days, ground duties, etc.

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