A Comprehensive Suite

Kernel Software offers a comprehensive suite for the planning and dispatching of railways personnel, working from multiple stations under a variety of contracts and qualifications.

""Since January 2016, Momentum has used MPG@Rail to plan and track its personnel onboard Eurostar trains. MPG@Rail has made it possible to coordinate the planning of crew-members based in Paris, Londres, Bruxelles and Amsterdam. With the help of its automatic tools, planning activities that used to require weeks of labor are now executed in a matter of hours.

MPG@Rail generates individual rosters whose quality is greater than the quality of manually-planned rosters, especially with respect to labor regulations, company-specific agreements and informal rules. MPG@Rail has strongly reduced the workload of the Crewing & Dispatch department, who are enthusiastic users.

MPG@Rail reliability is excellent; its deployment, including the migration of data previously scattered in three separate systems, was achieved on time and within budget.""

Camille Dargelos
Head of Operations - Momentum Services Ltd

Automatic Planning


Automatic Pairing Generation

Automatic Rostering

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