Crew Management


ACA Rostering Suite

Kernel Software’s ACA suite provides a complete set of rostering tools including an automatic module, a graphical user interface, a Case Manager and an interface to a central Crew Management system.

The Case Manager makes it easy to retry automatic rostering runs with a different objective function and/or different rules.

Automatic Rostering

Kernel Software's automatic rostering tool builds efficient, legal and well-balanced rosters for groups of several thousand crew-members. In a few hours, it performs a task that requires several days of manual planning, while producing better-quality rosters.

A powerful language enable airline administrators to define precisely what is a good quality roster, taking into account a variety of factors such as flight hours, paid hours, duty days, crew request satisfaction, recurrent training requirements, influence on the following month, etc.

Graphical rostering interface

Kernel Software’s graphical rostering interface enables crew planners to review and modify rosters, to start automatic rostering runs and to analyze their results.